ZFS on FreeBSD


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Есть комп с FreeBSD 7 и кнему подрубили винт с zfs. Как его смонтировать?

в rc.conf запись есть

man zpool перечитал и ненашол как создать пул с уже существующей zfs


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zfs list
zpool status
zfs set mountpoint=/path pool_name

man zfs
   ZFS File System Hierarchy

       mountpoint=path | none | legacy

           Controls the mount point used for this file system. See the  "Mount
           Points"  section for more information on how this property is used.

           When the mountpoint property is changed for a file system, the file
           system and any children that inherit the mount point are unmounted.
           If the new value is "legacy", then they  remain  unmounted.  Other-
           wise,  they  are automatically remounted in the new location if the
           property was previously "legacy" or "none", or if they were mounted
           before  the property was changed. In addition, any shared file sys-
           tems are unshared and shared in the new location.

   Mount Points
       Creating a ZFS file system is a simple operation, so the number of file
       systems  per  system  will  likely  be numerous. To cope with this, ZFS
       automatically manages mounting and unmounting file systems without  the
       need to edit the /etc/vfstab file.  All automatically managed file sys-
       tems are mounted by ZFS at boot time.

       By default, file systems are mounted under /path,  where  path  is  the
       name  of  the file system in the ZFS namespace. Directories are created
       and destroyed as needed.

       A file system can also have a mount point set in the "mountpoint" prop-
       erty. This directory is created as needed, and ZFS automatically mounts
       the file system when the "zfs mount -a"  command  is  invoked  (without
       editing  /etc/vfstab).  The mountpoint property can be inherited, so if
       pool/home has a mount point of /export/stuff, then pool/home/user auto-
       matically inherits a mount point of /export/stuff/user.

       A  file  system  mountpoint property of "none" prevents the file system
       from being mounted.

       If needed, ZFS file systems can also be managed with traditional  tools
       (mount,  umount, /etc/vfstab). If a file system's mount point is set to
       "legacy", ZFS makes no attempt to  manage  the  file  system,  and  the
       administrator  is responsible for mounting and unmounting the file sys-


zfs list
нече невыдало так как нету пула
zpool status
выдало что нет пула
zfs set mountpoint=/path pool_name
если нет то что моунтить

на радном компе данные видно
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