Final Fantasy VII Advent Children Reunion Files


Название: Final Fantasy VII Advent Children Reunion Files
Страна: Япония
Издатель: Softbank Creative Corp.
Качество: 600dpi
Язык: японский
Кол-во страниц: 121 стр.
Год издания: 26 Мая 2006 г.
Тираж: ??? копий
ISBN: 4-7973-3498-3
Цена: 2520 йен
Формат: .jpg
Размер: 71МБ

"Товарищам, которые снова спустились с небес.
Товарищам, которые собрались снова вместе.
Эта история относится к тебе" (с)

Final Fantasy VII Advent Children Reunion Files - секретные материалы по фильму Final Fantasy VII Advent Children. "Reunion Files" - это всё, что вы хотели бы узнать о фильме "Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children".
Эксклюзивные рисунки и коментарии создателей - такого вы больше нигде не найдёте.
Основное внимание в альбоме уделяется работам, которые легли в основу создания главных персонажей фильма и всё, что происходило за кулисами. Вас даже познакомят с реальными людьми, которые озвучивали главных героев.

Оригинальное описание на английском языке:

In the FFVII Advent Children movie, Cloud led the old FF7 gang against another gang who turned out to be far more of a threat than first figured. With Materia bursting in the air and all manner of drama afoot, the Cloud team nevertheless prevailed against adversity...

To capture the lush detail of the movie, the soul of the characters, and the work that went into making the film, Square Enix and Softbank Creative ship the FFVII AC Reunion Files book which spans 120 thick and glossy pages of artwork, photographic evidence, and Japanese/English commentary. Every bit of text that's in Japanese is translated into English as well for Western audiences to enjoy.

The first portion of the book checks out the characters starting with Cloud Strife. Marvel at the frosted lens screen captures of the spiky blonde as he emotes and read up on his profile as well as copious Staff Notes on how the script was written to portray Cloud's demeanor. On pages 38-39, the staff describe the character Rude's appearance and mark him to be of possible South American ethnicity. He looks more like "The Rock" who is Samoan with the same sneer. We expect Rude to arch an eyebrow behind his shades. The character files concludes with a look at Sephiroth with interesting Staff Notes to pore through.

The next portion of the book takes readers through the conceptualization of the FFVII AC movie from initial proposal to the storyboards to how the creative staff decided on the setting of the film. The detailed recap of the creation of the movie makes this book a perfect companion piece for the FFVII AC DVD with a raft with background information, color commentary, and most importantly, detailed Staff Notes which give the reader the motives of the designers and their interpretations of the characters in the movie.

To conclude the book, a Story Digest retells the broad summary of the film with screen caps of key scenes such as Cloud's reunion with his FF7 team mates where everyone collaborated to vault him higher in a clash against an airborne Materia named Bahamut Sin. Untold stories from the making of the movie are also included for some insight from Nojima and Nomura on how they felt about the production. The final page of the book consists of Editor Notes and information on a FFVII AC Pamphlet Contest.

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